Member Category


Dean/Hindu Studies,

Mr.S. Padmanaban

Head/ Department of Hindu Civilization,
Chairperson of Building Committee

Dr. (Mrs) S. Srimuralitharan

Head/ Department of Sanskrit, &
Chairperson of Strategic Management Plan Committee

Dr. M. Balakailasanathasarma

Head/Department of Saiva Siddhanta,
Chairperson of Library Committee & Deputy Proctor of the Student Welfare Committee

Dr. P. Chandrasegaram

Chairperson of Faculty development and
Consultative Committee & Coordinator /Well-Being Cell

Prof. (Mrs) V. Pavanesan

Chairperson of Research Committee

Dr. S. Muhunthan  

Chairperson of Information Technology (IT) &
Web Committee & Co-ordinator /Sports Advisory

Mr. S. Ramanarajah

Chairperson of Curriculum Development,
Revision and Monitoring Committee,
Coordinators of University Business Linkage

Dr. T. Selvamanoharan

Chairperson of Student Appeal committee

Dr. I. Jeyandran

Coordinator of IQAC & Student Counsellor


Senior Assistant Librarian/

Dr. (Mrs.) M.Visakaruban

Head /Department of English Language Teaching
External Member


Senior Lecturer Gr.II, Department of Geography,
Faculty of Arts

External Member

Mr. S. Kabilan

Nominee recommended by Dean/
Faculty of Hindu Studies.

Miss. P. Thukaya,

Nominee recommended by Dean/
Faculty of Hindu Studies

Miss. T. Kishanthiny

Assistant Registrar/
Faculty Hindu Studies

Mr. S. Senthilchelvan