to be a Centre of Excellence in Sri Lanka devoted to empower the prospective intellectuals to foster and promote Hindu Studies with emphasis on Hindu Culture, Saiva Siddhanta and Sanskrit Literature.


to produce competent graduates who excel in disseminating and preserving the multi-disciplinary aspects of Hindu Heritage   by providing excellent teaching and learning environment and undertaking research and scholarship.


The objectives of the Faculty of Hindu studies are consistent with the objectives of the University of Jaffna in developing and maintaining excellence in the quality of its academic standards and of research, establishing programs to meet the expanding needs of the region and the country and of providing the means to reach out to all the people.

The specific objectives are:

  • To introduce the salient features of Hindu Civilization and facilitate Students acquire a comprehensive and balanced understanding of Hindu Civilization in comparison with other religious traditions in Sri Lanka.
  • To promote the study of Hindu Civilization including a knowledge of Sanskrit language and Saiva Siddhanta in Sri Lanka.
  • To hold or patronize public discourses and teachings enabling the promotion and preservation of unique and rare oral Hindu religious transmissions and cultural awareness campaigns.
  • To conduct religious conferences and other academic forums on a timely basis with the view to usher greater harmony and unity amidst the Hindu Society.
  • To enable students to preserve, postulate and analyze manuscripts, inscriptions and similar sources pertaining to the History of Hindu Civilization and Sanskrit language.
  • To engage positively with the community in enriching their perceptions, values, culture, and wellbeing.

Faculty Graduate Profile